Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sheldan Nidle - October 30, 2012

1 Lamat, 16 Tzec, 9 Eb
Selamat Jarin! We return! Much continues to happen around your globe. New governments are preparing their personnel, and announcements are to come quite shortly. Also, several financial institutions are busy preparing to convert the present fiat system to gold. These changes signal that a new fiscal system is ready to replace the old. Since the end of World War I in 1918, the switch to a fiat currency was introduced surreptitiously at first and then gathered increasing momentum with the huge panic of 1929. This led quickly to a massive depression that was used by those in charge around your world to foment World War II. This great conflagration was created to bring America globally to the forefront and to be the reason behind the decades-long Cold War that followed. In this way, the illuminoids and their Anunnaki masters laid the fertile groundwork that was intended to be the means to overthrow the various edicts set up by Heaven when Atlantis fell. As you now know, these dark momentums are failing fast, and Heaven is bringing in her new reality for your world.

Special Edition~ Happy Halo Ween! The Gig Is Up! Let there Be Light!




Sending out the call
I have been asked to come up with tangible solutions to help transition our world from the systems we have in place now to the systems we will have in place in the Golden Age. As we are all connected, despite our perceived differences, it would be foolish for me to think that I can undertake such a colossal task on my own. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL CALL OUR FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. Humanity needs your help. This is your window of opportunity to contribute to the co-creation of our collective future. Please act now! This call is very real, very serious and incredibly important. Think of it in this way: What if the leaders or your country actually came to you with the problems we were all facing, and asked you to come up with a solution that they would actually implement? This may be hard to imagine as it has been so long since our voices have been heard and taken seriously.


The following is a top-level immediate action plan that has been cultivated from the suggestions of 300 essay submissions from 37 countries. This is the combined cry from humanity, asking for immediate action to restore our planet and our people. This is our time for our great awakening, our voices and wishes must be heard, acknowledge and accepted as written on the hearts of humanity by our Divine Creator.  The sacred global heritage assets accrued by generations of our ancestors are being called for to accommodate the immediate funding to facilitate and implement these steps of phase one, straightaway. Here we have provided with love and our highest level of intentions the most critical points to help assist those in charge of these funds.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

By Maya White | Maya White Astrology TAURUS FULL MOON

Monday the 29th we welcome a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus.
(Read your November horoscope HERE)

Taurus is noted as a fertile earth sign. Although sometimes stubborn, the secret to Taurus is that there is great staying power – but like a long, heavy freight train, Taurus just has to get into motion. Once moving, it likes to keep going.

Karen Doonan ~ Dragon Realms Update for 30th Oct. 2012

We are the dragon realms and we are here to guide and support ALL as the new dimension in which the human race now live is created within their reality. Much is now changing and shifting and the increase in energies is to help ALL. We ask that ALL who can hear us and all who can connect with us reach out and do so, for we walk the earth and protect the earth as she now moves dimensionally into a new age.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Wanderer of the Skies - October 26, 2012

Greetings from the Federation:

Today we begin with a recitation of events which have led to this place, this time, this now. We are here and have always been guiding you through these times. You have been expectant of things to come as you should. Time draws closer to the inevitable. There is much to do on your world and so little time to do it in.
The entire planet has been engulfed in a plasma field which has recently been activated and acts to keep in higher forms of vibrational energy while allowing darker, more heavy, and lower vibrations to leave unhindered. Once out, they cannot return. It is the beginning of the final phase of purification of your planet. One delay keeping this from occurring sooner was occasioned by your space station which was in an orbit too close to be unaffected by the operation of this field. An agreement has been reached to move this orbit so that the grid can be made operational without adverse affect to humans. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sheldan Nidle - October 23, 2012

7 Imix, 9 Tzec, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return! Events, which our sacred allies have been working toward for centuries, are now about to happen which will forever change your world. The power structure that rules your globe is collapsing in on itself as the center can no longer hold together. The dark cabal has dreaded this moment ever since the Anunnaki left, at which time these off-worlders demanded that their on-planet minions return dominion of your reality to the Light. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, October 22, 2012

We are pleased to see you demonstrating for your rights, which is a timely reminder to your authorities that they are in their positions to serve you the people. The number of good hearted souls amongst them are few and far between, and that is why far reaching changes have to take place. If your representatives are not keeping to their oath, then they can have no complaint when they are removed. The problem is that corruption and greed spreads like a cancer and before long is accepted as a normal way of working. In the future you will become more involved in the decision making, and consulted before action is taken. Clearly you need the right type of people leading the way forward, who have the foresight and understanding to take you into the New Age. The last cabal would be totally unsuitable, and will be unable to interfere or influence what will happen.

SaLuSa, October 19, 2012

Here we are on the verge of a great episode in your journey through duality, that will end with those who are ready to ascend leaving your present dimension. It does not mean that everything will change at once, but it will result in you being elevated to a higher dimension where you are with other souls of a similar vibration. It will ensure a life in which you experience a close harmony and joyful relationship with all souls. The harshness and confrontation you experience now will disappear for good, as those beings who cause such problems are not ready to ascend. Ascension is for those of you who have awakened to their true selves, and aspire to lift themselves up. When you can accept all others as One with you, and live your life in the manner of giving out Unconditional Love you are a perfect example of one who is ready.

Montague Keen - October 21, 2012

My dear, you are working so hard to fulfil your mission. Do not despair: though obstacles are put in your way, nothing will prevent the outcome. It was predicted hundreds of years ago that this would happen when the timing was right. It is inevitable. The time for this great change is now. The power of the 99% demanding change cannot be ignored. Up to now, they have been slaves to the minority, but they can now see the corruption for what it is, and they no longer want to be part of it. They are now seeing themselves as Sovereign Beings with freedom as their divine right.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sheldan Nidle - October 16, 2012

13 Ix, 2 Tzec, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return with more to discuss. Presently, several areas of activity are being brought to completion, forming the foundation of your new reality. As we informed you recently, your world is based on the original legitimacy of certain institutions dating back thousands of years. The individuals who represent these ancient power bases are in the process of creating new documents that will constitute the legal platform for your new form of governance. A series of meetings whose sole agenda is to focus on the complexities of creating a new world are currently underway. Try to imagine the intricacies involved in such an undertaking! Our sacred allies are uniting the ancient foundations of many tribal nations with that of the old monarchies of Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Numerous documents need to be discussed, modified, and interwoven into a specific prototype that renders invalid and thus unseats the current de facto regimes of your world. This authentication process needs to be done properly and in the right order in order to confer legitimacy on this lofty goal.

SaLuSa, October 17, 2012

Do you realize that this year in particular you have grown in levels of consciousness to the point where you have more than balanced the dark energies. You have achieved it by attracting the Light to yourselves and grounding it upon Earth. It has helped to end the domination of the dark Ones who can only hope to create fear, and delay their inevitable defeat. They are not finished but now we can fully contain them and protect our allies. Their ultimate removal is therefore going to be a mere formality. They can no longer look to the Reptilians for advice, and are but a pale reflection of what they used to be. It means that the final weeks before Ascension will not be as catastrophic as some of the older predictions indicated. Indeed, with the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light who have the authority to prevent any major setback, you are going to have a fairly comfortable ride for the rest of your journey.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012



It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on the Day of Decision at the beginning of the second Window of Opportunity:

Masses will gather and make a decision for the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of all dark forces so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.

Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will help to activate the Plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our activation on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

The critical mass for this activation to have desired effect is about 118,000 people worldwide actually doing it with focus. If we consider that human concentration skills  are not perfect, we need 144,000 people as the critical mass.

But to read about it is one thing and actually do the decision itself is completely another. I would encourage as many people as possible to actually participate, although it may be in the early morning hours in your part of the world.

The Cabal has understood the power of free will and decisions well. They were using their free will to make negative decisions for humanity. This is how they were able to keep us under control for so long.
Now humanity needs to take its power back. We need to utilize our own free will and make positive decisions for ourselves. When the critical mass of people does that, change will come.

We will all be doing this activation at the same time on October 21st/22nd. Exact times for different time zones are:

3:30 pm HAST October 21st (Hawaii)
5:30 pm AKDT October 21st (Alaska)
6:30 pm PDT October 21st (Los Angeles)
7:30 pm MDT October 21st (Denver)
8:30 pm CDT October 21st (Houston)
9:30 pm EDT October 21st (New York)
10:30 pm BRT October 21st  (Rio de Janeiro)
2:30 am BST  October 22nd (London)
3:30 am CEST October 22nd (Paris)
3:30 am SAST October 22nd (South Africa)
4:30 am EEST October  22nd (Bulgaria)
5:30 am MSK October 22nd (Moscow)
7:00 am IST October  22nd (India)
9:30 am CST October  22nd (Beijing)
10:30 am JST October  22nd (Tokyo)
11:30 am AEST October  22nd (Sydney)

If your place is not listed, you can find world time zones map here:


1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then make an unconditonal decision that our planet WILL be liberated and people WILL be set free.
3. Visualize ways how YOU can contribute to the liberation process. Discover your talents and make a decision about how you will use those talents towards our final goal of setting people and our planet free. Make a decision that you will support other people dedicated to this process so that we are stronger together.

After the Day of Decision you will have many opportunities to implement your decision in your daily life. You will be guided by your inner voice how to do that. Know that your dedication will be tested in real life. Some outer circumstances or non-physical negative entities might try to make you change your mind. The key here is simply to stick to your decision regardless of the external circumstances. Each person making a positive decision towards the planetary liberation will make a valuable contribution towards the Victory of the Light.

Disclaimer: the date of this activation (October 21st) is most likely NOT the date when the Event will be taking place.

Information about the second Window of Opportunity:

Updates about the Day of Decision:

SaLuSa of Sirius on President Obama ~ Part

Many galactic and celestial sources deal with our spiritual unfoldment or interpersonal relationships and adaptations.  They don’t focus on contemporary affairs. Among the very few commentators who do, SaLuSa of Sirius, channeled through Michael Quinsey, is, in my view the fullest and best.
SaLuSa was at one point the leader of a group of commentators that included Diane of Sirius, Ker-On of Venus, Ag-Agria and Atmos of Sirius and others. But lately he alone has been reporting to us on the battle to subdue the cabal and spread the Light that will see us ascend at the end of this year.

SaLuSa, October 15, 2012

As we survey your world we find that your personal awakening is growing stronger, and people are more ready to speak amongst themselves about Ascension. There are obviously difficulties in conveying what it is going to mean to each individual, but at least a seed of knowledge is sown and it will grow. Naturally there are plans to give out information on a wide scale, to ensure that people understand what a wonderful opportunity is being given to every single soul. There will still be some disbelief or fear amongst those learning about Ascension for the first time, but when they see others greeting the news with open arms, they will feel more assured about their future. In reality people tend to herd together and your instinct tells you that there is safety in numbers.

Friday, 12 October 2012

SaLuSa, October 12, 2012

We like you have had to experience delays, but as long as we can still complete our tasks as planned it does not cause us much concern. We can easily adjust to the different situations we confront, but for you it means more frustration because we cannot necessarily give you anything other than the bare details of what is happening. Viewing your activities we see so many groups grasping the mantle of freedom, and doing good work that is speeding up the inevitable end of the last cabal. We shall be there to give them a final push into oblivion, so that they will no longer pose a threat to you or us. That will be the signal for us to go speeding ahead with our mission. With the best will in the world the collapse of the economy is imminent and cannot be avoided. What you are seeing is the last desperate attempts of the dark Ones to hang on to what they still have, but their power is dwindling very quickly.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


If you choose to use the Daily Practices, these may very simply be used without the recorded meditation like this: -
1. ‘I call Light to myself now!’ — so that you feel the streaming bright white Light of Spirit encompass your body and aura, moving straight down through the body of Gaia below you.
2. ‘I open my Cosmic & Earth star portals now!’ — opening those portal chakras at the top and bottom of your aura, that you may receive the highest energy available from Mother-Father God and from Gaia herself.
3. ‘I ground myself into the heart of Gaia now!’ — from your belly you send a grounding cord down through your root chakra, down through the bottom of you aura, anchoring into the core crystal which is the heart of Gaia.

Please Participate In a Global Meditation On October 21

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.”  ~ Albert Einstein
A Plea to Save GaiaIs there a difference between yes and no?
Is there a difference between good and evil?
Must I fear what others fear? What nonsense!
…Everyone else is busy…
I am different.
I am nourished by the great mother.
~ Lao Tsu. Tao Te Ching, #20.  6th century BCE
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Dear Fellow Conscious Co-Creators:

Sheldan Nidle - October 9, 2012

6 Manik, 15 Tzotz, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return! Many events are preparing to happen quite shortly. Your world is at a point where the collapse of its economy is imminent. The status of your global economy is dependent on an illegal flow of cash from accounts that were plundered by the Federal Reserve over the past year. These accounts were illegally seized as part of procedures to monitor the exchange of funds from one account to another. Our associates are now rerouting these daily international movements of large sums of currency. As these fiscal sources of revenue begin to dry up, the US Corporation and its minions are desperately searching for a way to keep afloat. This sudden lowering of 'true cash reserves' has caused the central banks of your world to panic. This comes against a backdrop of a series of ultimatums recently issued to these banks by our sacred associates concerning large debts to be repaid only in gold. These still-covert developments are expected to create what can be called an early 'Halloween' for the dark cabal. Meanwhile, the various holders of the world's known and 'dark' gold supplies continue to add to their totals.

SaLuSa, October 10, 2012

It is relatively plain sailing now, although you will have difficult periods to cope with. However, they will be short lived and having anticipated them we will ensure that they cause the minimum of inconvenience to you. Our allies are aware of how near they are to accomplishing their objectives, and as always we are behind them. You might reflect on the fact that the physical changes on Earth have been nowhere near as catastrophic as was prophesied. Some may point at the Fukushima incident, but that was not natural but a false flag attack. In fact although there have been numerous earthquakes which is quite normal, none have had what you would call really serious consequences. We have all along closely monitored such occurrences, and have minimized the after effects.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


    Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012 
while seeing and experiencing the opening, the message started to unfold ....

"You are not the body.
The chains which artificially have been tying up your free and radiant consciousness with the physical body, are being dissolved as the powers of the  controllers are fading.
The clouds of darkness are vanishing which kept you in the illusion of limitations and the identification with the body-mind.

Archangel Michael: The Declaration of World Peace
Oct. 8, 2012

Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return. Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching and realizing peace.

Monday, 8 October 2012

NESARA Petition Reply A Message from Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, October 8, 2012

When I heard the NESARA Petition had a reply and the reply essentially said - no such thing as NESARA existed - my initial reaction was Bliss. I thought that was very odd. I meditated a long time and then Ashtar came to me with the explanation. Many will judge this event with grief and doubt. All I can say is you are being invited to know truth today.
Please reference The following is Ashtarʻs reply to my questions.~et

Visiting Starships Arcturians

Dear Ascending Ones,
Many of you visited our Starship last night because important decisions were being made, and we wanted to confer with our Ground Crew. You may have remembered the experience if you woke up on the middle of the night, or upon your awaking, but forgot it when you began you day.
Because of past traumas, and/or because it is difficult to stay grounded when you remember the myriad activities of your Multidimensional SELF, you may have difficulty clearly remembering your nightly visits to our Ship. However, many of your past traumas have been healed and you have improved your grounding abilities and expanded your consciousness.

Montague Keen October 7 2012

Mark Twain

What my wife did last Sunday was of great importance. To the many who took part, I say a heartfelt "thank you". As you stood on the Hill of Tara, the clouds separated, the sky became blue over Tara, and the energy was powerful. It is important to acknowledge the connection in times past between Egypt and Ireland. This was written out of history by those who took control of your world. The truth of those times explains a lot, for this is when the real history was changed completely and Irish history was stolen.

SaLuSa, October 8, 2012

It is never too late to turn your eyes towards Ascension, and do realize that if you feel ready you are certainly at a point where you could achieve it. It requires focus and intent to go forward, but you must understand that whether you ascend is dependent on your level of consciousness. You must apply yourself to whatever your understanding is of being at One with all life, without exception. Love is the operative word that will see you succeed, but you will need to work at it so as to overcome the very human emotions that often pull you back. You have a tendency to act first and ask questions later, so a new way of responding to situations has to be found. Forgiveness is also vital when you have been the victim of someone else's actions, even if it is not attributable to you in anyway.

Friday, 5 October 2012

SaLuSa, October 5, 2012

Many things are coming to a head, and even disclosure may yet be first announced by unlikely sources. If it does, it will force the hand of other countries to admit what their own contacts have been. No doubt there will be a reluctance to reveal the full extent to which they have been made. However it is the time for the truth to come out, and after all much of it will simply be an acknowledgement of what is already known. No doubt National Security will be used as an excuse to hold back on information relating to agreements with Extraterrestrials, that have seen them working with the U.S. Government in underground bases. There is also the handling and outcome of those who have been captured after being rescued from crashed craft. There is so much at stake for the dark Ones, and the truth will be revealed when the facts finally come out.

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, October 3, 2012

As you are undoubtedly noting, the unrest amongst the worlds population is spreading. The people are not prepared to suffer any longer for the indiscretions of the Bankers, who have caused such severe austerity measures to be brought into the countries involved. The governments are fearful of the power of the people, and know that if they persist they will be forced to find another solution to the problems. In the long run, debt forgiveness is the complete answer, but you will have to wait and see if that realization is accepted. You the people have been deliberately kept in need due to the intention of the Illuminati to make you dependent on them. This way they have been able to dictate exactly how your lives have progressed.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure

Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure
As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – 30 September, 2012

Beloved Ones,

A great many of you are experiencing fear in ways that did not bother you before. Know that you are picking up on the fears of the mass consciousness field and that you have control over your mind and your thoughts. At such moments all you have to do is remember that you are always surrounded by a legion of Angels.

There is no place upon this Planet that you walk alone. As you have trodden upon your spiritual journey in this lifetime, you have amassed a greater following of Light Beings who watch over you so that at this point in time, you each have a veritable army of Light to protect you.

SaLuSa, October 1, 2012

You enter another month, and look back and see how time has passed so quickly. During that period you have as Lightworkers done so much to lift the levels of consciousness, and a grand awakening is taking place. It is a great achievement against the background of the efforts of the Illuminati to distract you and create fear. You have not seen extensive arrests take place as expected, but nevertheless all the changes previously spoken about are proceeding. The delays have shown how much you have learnt, by keeping your focus upon the more important matters concerning your own evolution. It is not selfish to think about self, as no one else can prepare you for Ascension, although you can find plenty of advice.