Thursday, 15 November 2012

Creation ~ The Ecliptic Power of the Solar Seed Alters the Nature of Human Existence

Judith in Chimayo and Sean in Salmon Arm 6 am PST

I can feel energy coming in with the solar eclipse. I was sitting with Sean just now in silence and could feel the power of the solar radiance, as we open to the infinite wisdom of the solar source.

The sun's great activity has been a propulsion of Creation, a birth from the solar source.
The element of Creation that is the Father Solar power has released through the power of Creation, the solar seed which has entered the womb of Gaia.
These concepts are not easily described in the language that is available. A mythological context to this may be more appropriate.
That the great love of the Sun Father for the Earth Mother has created a powerful force within the solar energy, within the sun's consciousness, that is a creation force that you see that has unprecedented solar activity.

In a greater sense of Creation, this is the kundalini force. That through the solar father principle, he, the Great Sun of Creation, the Sun Father of Creation, may give life to the feminine principle of the cosmic womb, the Beloved Earth Mother.

The solar seed must be received by the inner sun of Earth. Because through the inner sun principle, the solar seed may find that solar force that nourishes the creative life force energies to radiate energy from the inner planes to the body of the Living Mother, to feed her with the life giving energy that is seen so simply by photon energy and understood by the photosynthesis of plants.

If you keep a plant in the dark it will die. But it is not just so simple as the biochemical structure of the sun and the earth, and its life giving relationship.
There is a greater understanding that, once you grasp it, you will understand, you will know, the power of this for humanity. One way to describe this is that when you go to a garden and you interact with the plants and the devas, you actually are fed from the life force energy of the plants. Your light becomes stronger. That is why gardening is so good for people. Because they are not only giving their energy to the plants but they are being fed by the power that is released from the photosynthesis, from the sun to the plants to the person.

This has been seen already that, in areas where people begin to grow gardens, there is a greater sense of community and a prolific energetic that enhances more than just the food process, because a garden is so much more for humanity than a source of physical nourishment. It is a place where the human spirit can engage with the co-creation of the life giving energies and the power of the Living Green Mother.

With that concept in mind, now focus on the solar seed and the earth being the garden and humanity receiving the nourishment that gives hope, love and strength and nourishes the human spirit. Nourishes the human spirit, because it is the manna of Creation.
Imagine that with waves and waves of solar force, the solar seed was impregnated in the womb of Gaia, that she may birth new life, through her living body to you, her children and to the universe. This is the beloved marriage, the Divine Union of creation forces, in the cycle of birth, death and life, death, conception, birth, life.

This particular solar eclipse is energized with the solar force that initiates the power of Creation, unlike the old microcellular level, because of the alignment of the Earth and the sun and the planetary bodies, a perfect alignment for the solar seed.
A perfect alignment for the solar seed to be ignited with the power of creation. In the regions where this solar eclipse is seen, there will be waves of solar heart energies. And these words are used - "solar heart energies" - that will alter the consciousness of the people who are in that direct path of this solar eclipse.

There will be shifts in the dynamics of human existence, because of this great mystery, this almost unexplainable, incomprehensible mystery of the relationship of humanity to the sun, to the Earth, and to the power of the garden and the harvest.
This harvest that we speak of now is the harvest of consciousness. And this solar force truly alters the electro-molecular vibration on a cellular level, altering the dynamics of mind-body-spirit conscious relationship.

This is the transformative energies of Creation and the power of the great Solar force, from the Sun of Sun of Sun of Creation, channeled through your solar sun. It is recommended that you do not distance yourself from the power of this message.
That you, truly contemplate the greater dynamics of this solar force and that which gives you life and vibrance.

Much of your knowledge has become aware of the power of Vitamin D to well-being.
Anything that you understand about that very principle is a key to this solar force and the transformative energies for humanity's consciousness, because the sun burns away that which is toxic, purifying it and making space for rejuvenation and new life force energy and a sense of well-being. Truly, the human dilemma has always been the loss of the sense of well-being that brings loving community into alignment with co-creation and Divine purpose.

There is a window of time here, an opportunity for you, as a person, to consciously engage with this solar principle. Imagine the ancestors who stood upon pyramids and temples, at times like today, reached their hands up and consciously communed with the solar force. And for the reason that this fed the power of their civilization and the consciousness of the people -- because the ancient ones understood that, before they lost their knowledge and believed that, by the spilling of human blood,they could enact that principle.

Now is the time through (Way??)-Quetzal for the return of Quetzalcoatl, for the end of that sacrifice and the beginning of the flowering of the Quetzal tree, through the prophecies of Maya, through the prophecies of Atzlan, through the prophecies of the ancient solar source and the prophecy of the Lion.

Contemplate the shift and the solar heart that opens in a multitude of humans through this solar principle, now, now today. Today is the day that changes the world. Today is the Day that changes the world. This is not meant in some distant unreal way. This is real. This is real. Today is the day that changes the world. It is the day that all of the alchemical agents of creation are aligned and the force of the solar heart and the source of the solar seed are truly resonant in the power of Genesis.

It is suggested that you do not distance yourself from this truth, but from the inner knowing, give it space to live in your body. The power of which will elevate you with the solar power, the solar gift, and the manna of the Great Solar Source.

Today is the Day that alters the nature of your existence. And you who hear may know, and yet it is incomprehensible, beloved ones. It is beyond your capacity. But perhaps through this message, you may experience a bit of the mystery of Creation, that otherwise you would be oblivious to. Millions and billions of people on the planet are oblivious to this power today but the force will still alter them.

Shine this light upon the truth, that the solar seed may burst forth in your heart.
That you may be, truly, like a garden of peace.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.



J. It is very gentle in my body but very powerful. What I am called to do as an
oracle, I am thankful to be so blessed.
The importance of the garden and how people who have gardens are generally a lot
healthier people. I was thinking about Anastasia in Russia and how she is getting so
many people to plant her special conscious gardens. I kept seeing images of the
gardens in cities. In the school my grandson was in, they had a garden this year and
the kids harvested and processed the food.

S. Yesterday, I received an email talking about the radiation from Japan
contaminating the fresh produce in California. The dependency prevalent in cities on
food shipped from long distances is the current status. In 1980, recovering from
cancer, I grew all my food in a small apartment in Van following the Ann Wigmore
model and how that involvement with soil and growing plants are life- giving. I made
compost on the balcony in the middle of the winter. The sustainability and the
viability of that lifestyle.

J. It said very much that the power of the solar force has the power to heal and
transform toxins. I don't think those people are accounting for how quickly the
Earth is in a metabolism right now to transmute these toxins. Because logically,
with the exposure of billions of people to toxins these days, the Earth should be
depopulated. They are not and there is some reason they are not.
This solar force has everything to do with it. It is more than hope, it is
alchemical and biochemical. That is what this transmission said.
The power of this solar force has the power of detoxifying our environment and
making room for the manna.
What is the power of miraculous healing? Why are some people not dying of terminal
cancer and others are? What is the power when you want to rejuvenate yourself and
you go sit in the sun? How important is that?
You take that and go into quantum energy with it. This is quantum energetics.

S. I also wanted to mention that Jan Stewart brought my attention to an area of the
Dead Sea that people go to and spend weeks and are miraculously healed. It has a way
to detoxify.

J. I went into the Dead Sea where people go to be rejuvenated. Suzette and I with
others went into this rejuvenating water of the Dead Sea and the mud. It was part of
what was required while we were there. It was a public place. Everything we know
right now is miniscule to the power of this creation force and what this
transmission is really about. We can either give ourselves to the energy of
believing you are dead from the radiation already but you are not. Why? The solar
force is transmuting the energy. There will be cancer but there is something that is
going to prevent the massive cataclysm that was engineered by the NWO to depopulate
the planet. There is something that is changing things. It is changing things so
fast that science can't keep up with it. The law of probability and scientific logic
isn't working for them right now.

This particular transmission is the key to why it is not working. When they said it
twice, do not distance from this. Do not put this transmission in the category of
some kind of philosophy. This is real. This is important and it is happening and it
is altering the nature of existence. That is where I need to stay focused right
Because those of us who are able to grasp that principle can actually engage and
transmit it into the collective. Because that is what the work of the Chronicles of
Ibis is about, taking the cosmos and the power of this wisdom and making it
accessible on some level for the human intelligence to grasp it. For those who have
ears to hear and eyes to see.


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